44 years of manufacturing custom welded aluminium staircases & railings. #1 in Montreal. No intermediary: directly from the manufacturer
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Lettre de recommandation de la Ville de Montréal

Rénovation Daniel Chantal Inc. has been the #1 manufacturer of top quality custom-made aluminium stairs and stair railings in Montreal. For now more than 44 years, we've been offering you all our experience, our know-how and our professionalism in order to offer products of yet unequalled quality.

We are one of the only manufacturer specialized in Montreal Heritage staircases, the ones that the city impose in many of its boroughs in order to maintain its authenticity. Those type of stairs are either made of welded iron or welded aluminium and must respect many standards, rules and regulations that may vary depending on the location. Our welded aluminium stairs and stair railings offer many advantages over welded iron staircases:

Please visit our photo gallery in order to learn more about our different products.

We are able to manufacture top quality products because our employees are highly qualified, well trained and have a lot of experience when it comes to building your next project! Contact-us to learn more about our products and for a free quote.

Buy directly from the manufacturer and save!

Thank you for doing business with Rénovation Daniel Chantal Inc.!

Fabricant d'escalier patrimoine de Montréal Escalier patrimoine

Montreal Heritage staircases  >>

Escalier feu pour bloc appartement

Do you want to know the cost of a staircase for your building / home?

Escalier colimaçon en aluminium

Spiral staircases  >>

Escalier colimaçon condo Escalier en palier pour condo & commerces

Long lasting and robust Staircases for businesses  >>

Escalier de façade en aluminium

Exterior Staircases  >>

Escalier arrière pour appartements et condos

Buy your staircase intermediary-free & save.

We've been custom building forged aluminium staircases of the highest quality for the last 44 years.

Rénovation Daniel Chantal, we're #1 in Montreal

We've been recommended by the City of Montreal

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Balcon commercial

Moi et ma femme avons adoré le service offer par Stephan tout au long du processus

~ Robert M.
Plateau Mont-Royal, Montréal

Escalier en aluminium

Enfin! Plus de repeinturage et sablage à toutes les x années. La qualité et finition du travail est impeccable

~ Francine L.
Rosemont, Montréal

Escalier colimaçon pour logement

J'achète la tranquilité d'esprit et la diminution de l’entretien pour mon bloc appartement

~ Fredérick A.
Ville-Marie, Montréal

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